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Gerd Ritter  Bronzelack 2017

Gerd Ritter Bronzelack 2017


Gerd Ritter Bronzelack 2017


100% Rielsing




This was our 1st year not celebrating 31 days of Riesling. The oldest and noblest grape varietal  in the world . Its our absolute favorite , so diverse in style, steeped in tradition and always quality led . 


We have opted to include the best of the best - Schloss-Johannisberg. The first vineyard in the world to plant an entire domain with Riesling, way back in 1720.  Today they are stll regarded as one of the best Riesling wineries in the world. 


We have choosen a Trocken style for the utmost Riesling experience . Expect Citrus notes, green apples and pears. Refreshing with a polished finish. Great with Soups, Asparagus, seafood, Turkey and Salmon

Please note, if the any of the wines or beers you have requested are not available we will swap for some thing similar. 

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