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Harvey Leonards Wine Club...


Here at Harvey Leonards, we have devised cases of lovely wine for all budgets and occasions, ever changing products for all tastebuds.


For a minimum of just £50 a month we'll be filling your cases with 6 bottles of very different wines:

TV Dinner

Wines to enjoy with food, your takeaway wine, your 'its not quite the weekend but we'll open something' wine. These wines are easy-drinking, homely and honest.

Dinner Party

These wines are for that special occasion, wines to be enjoyed with friends. The kind of friends who know a thing or two about wine. This wine can double up as that forgotten gift.

'I've waited all month for you!'

These wines aren't all about expense. They're about attention to detail. Tiny productions, well earned reputations, limitability. That feeling after a long slow it all take your time and just enjoy!


Harvey Leonard's Beer Club...

6 of the worlds best beers delivered to your door each month, with free delivery to Glossop and surrounding area (10 mile radius).


We're offering a 3, 6 and a 12 month subscription:

£22 per month

Ideal Christmas presents. Larger packs also available, please ask for more information.

If you would like more information on joining the Beer or Wine Club call 01457239538 or email:

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