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Our Beginnings...

Like all great ideas, the place we now know as Harvey Leonard's came about as an idea after a few glasses of wine...

The shop gets its name from owners Suzanne Harvey and Steven Leonard, (hence Harvey Leonard's) - a couple that decided to combine forces and their shared knowledge for quality wine and ale to create something new.

With a shared vision for bringing their personal passion for wine and ale to the general public, they set up their first business at 136 High Street West in 2013, a small and intimate venue that catered to a dedicated fan base. Finally, something unique and exciting had arrived in Glossop, and soon enough they had outgrown the space due to a huge demand.

Now, Harvey Leonard's sits in a Grade II listed building on 22 Norfolk Street, a vast space which somehow still retains the intimate feel of the first unit. On offer are hundreds of varieties of high-quality wine and beer, with draught ales and wines in the Enomatic machine changed daily to offer a unique browsing, drinking and shopping experience all under one roof.

The concept of the By The Glass wine dispenser is help customers shop smarter and reduce the stress of choosing a wine. Harvey Leonard’s understand that choosing wine can be tricky and finding what you actually like even harder.

Co-owner, Suzanne Harvey, explained how they found out about the By The Glass wine machine:

Some of our friends came back from Spain and informed us of a wine dispensing machine that was great fun and easy to use. We searched on online for By The Glass, contacted them and they were very helpful. We went with some friends to businesses that had already had units installed and really enjoyed it.

This experience persuaded the couple to install the unit and they have found it’s become a hit with the public. As Steven Leonard says:

It breaks down so many barriers and allows you to be your own judge and as a sales tool it’s invaluable, you can try different grapes and wines that you have never had before, not just sticking to the same price range.

It’s completely self service, you choose the measure you like and compare different price ranges. You can take the card away with you with the credit you have put on and come back any time.

Not only are Harvey Leonard’s offering a fresh and wide selection of fantastic wines and ales, but also they have branched out to offer specific tasting nights to educate the customer, with many coming up in the next few months; previous events include Baron De Rothschild, Bolney Wine Estate and Liberty wines evenings.

For anyone that visits Harvey Leonard's, the experience is a memorable one. A cross between a bar, a specialist shop, a restaurant with locally sourced produce, and a tasting session - there is something for everyone, and you are guaranteed to leave in a better mood than when you arrived!

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