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Richard Brendon + Jancis Robinson Wine Glass / Set of 2

Richard Brendon + Jancis Robinson Wine Glass / Set of 2

£70.00 Regular Price
£59.50Sale Price
This unique wine glass, made of lead-free and mouth-blown crystal, was designed in collaboration with wine expert Jancis Robinson. It is tailored to suit any wine, be it a young white, a mature red, a sparkling rosé, and more. 

London-based designer Richard Brendon worked with Jancis Robinson, wine expert and author of The Oxford Companion to Wine, to create a collection of mouth-blown and lead-free crystalline glassware that optimises the wine-tasting experience. This wine glass is at the heart of their collection. The fine rim minimises the amount of glass between the wine and the palate, while the large bowl makes it perfect for swirling and aeration. A standard 125ml pour reaches the widest point of the bowl, so the unique aromas can be well-presented. The base is larger than that of a typical wine glass, to aid with balance; this also prevents the bases from touching when the wine glasses are stored side-by-side. All of this allows you to get as close as possible to what you're drinking, making the glass perfect for tasting all wines, from pinot noir to sherry and everything in between, whatever the style or strength. The New York Times calls it 'the one glass to rule them all'. This set of two comes in a beautiful gift box.

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