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Acetaia Pedroni, `Vecchio` Aceto Balsamico

Acetaia Pedroni, `Vecchio` Aceto Balsamico


Acetaia Pedroni, `Vecchio` Aceto Balsamico


Traditional balsamic vinegar is obtained from a cooked grape must and wine vinegar. Slow acetification is the result of natural fermentation and the gradual concentration of the vinegar occurs through a very long ageing period in a series of small casks made of different kinds of wood.


Tasting Notes

For the Vecchio this is for seven years and the casks typically include mulberry, chestnut, cherry, juniper and oak. No flavouring or caramel is added, as is often the case with lower quality vinegars. 


A dense vinegar, the Vecchio has natural viscosity and intense aromas. The flavours balance sweet and sour, with good depth and great acidity.

Please note, if the any of the wines or beers you have requested are not available we will swap for some thing similar. 

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